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WindBrace® OSB sheathing eliminates or reduces the need for wall uplift hardware and does away with the hassles of blocking and filler strips.


  • Cost-effective OSB sidewall solution for meeting code in hurricane prone areas
  • Oversize panels eliminate horizontal joints for greater wall strength
  • Eliminates excess waste materials
  • Easy to install
  • Saves labor costs
  • Reduces overall cost of project
  • Available FSC® certified


  • Lengths (nominal inches): 97⅛, 109⅛, 121⅛ & 145⅛
  • Width (nominal inches): 48
  • Thicknesses (product classes, inches): 7/16 (additional thicknesses are available)
  • Product Standard: DOC PS2
  • Verification: APA - The Engineered Wood Association (mill number 511)
  • Applications: Sidewall panels