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StructWall & StructWall XL

StructWall and StructWall XL—Engineered for greater strength and less deflection over conventional OSB sheathing, StructWall and StructWall XL structural one rated OSB offers a cost-effective solution for meeting more stringent building codes in seismically active areas. StructWall XL’s 9’ and 10’ extended length panels cut down on material waste and valuable labor time when compared to traditional 8-ft. panels. Intense quality assurance is maintained through systematic testing and product certification. StructWall and StructWall XL are recognized in the marketplace as strong and durable building components that retain excellent dimensional properties.

  • APA structural-one rated (mill number 511)
  • Provides excellent dimensional stability and surface uniformity
  • Designed to minimize racking and shifting from seismic activity
  • Flexes and absorbs shock under extreme conditions, reducing breakage and retaining strength
  • Cost-effective in meeting building codes in seismically active areas
  • StructWall XL available in lengths greater than 8 ft. for labor efficiency and less material waste
  • FSC®-certified by request
  • Available as Eclipse™ Radiant Barrier OSB panels
StructWall and StructWall XL Available Sizes:

96 in., 108 in., 120 in.

15⁄32 in.

*Available with Eclipse™ Radiant Barrier applied