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GreenCore Plyform™

GreenCore Plyform™ is a BBOES structurally-rated, pre-oiled panel with a premium reactive release agent, specifically designed for the concrete-forming industry to produce a great finish and offer multiple reuse.


GreenCore Plyform™ is designed and manufactured specifically for concrete forming on all wall, deck, and pillar surfaces. Features include pre-applied reactive release agent, excellent performance with multiple reuse, consistent job quality, and user-friendliness. It reduces field repairs, produces more pours per panel, and saves material, time, and labor. Available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified on request.


Available Sizes:

4’ X 8’ (width x length), nominal

Building Code Performance Categories, Panel Thicknesses*:

19/32 CAT, 0.578 IN. (14.68 mm), Structural 1

23/32 CAT, 0.703 IN. (17.86 mm), Structural 1


BB grade, Exterior

(Other grades available upon request)

Length/Width Tolerance: Length +0”, -1/16”; Width +0”, -1/16”
Straightness Tolerance: Within 1/16”
Squareness Tolerance: Within 1/8”
Primary Species: Southern Yellow Pine
Surface Treatments: Sanded, oiled and edge-sealed
Testing Agency: APA® - The Engineered Wood Association (mill number 473)
Classifications: Exterior- Plywood suitable for repeated wetting and redrying or long-term exposure to weather and other conditions of severity.
Code Fire Classifications: Class III or C
Flame Spread Rating: 76-200; ASTM E 84
Building Code Compliance: PS1